Bulgaria - customs agents find large scale cigarette contraband..

Photo by the Bulgarian Customs Agency..

August 17, 2010 - The Bulgarian Customs agents from the border cross point Kalotina, between Bulgaria and Serbia prevented a large-scale cigarette contraband Monday, August 16th the Customs Agency informs.

Thousands of packs of cigarettes were found in a compartment of the international train traveling from Serbia to Bulgaria. They were hidden in cavities in the compartment’s ceiling and walls. Most packs and boxes have Serbian excise duty labels from the Victory and Vice Roy brands; there are also boxes of Eva Slims without a label and of Marilyn Slims with Duty Free labels.

The compartment had been empty at the time of the check, so the indictment is against a unknown perpetrator. The contraband train scam is preferred and often used by the smugglers precisely because the authorities have a hard time finding them, experts explain.

Reference: Cigarette Contraband Busted on Serbia-Bulgaria Train, Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency), 8/16/2010.

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