Swedish Match develops new lid for Red Man Moist Snuff..

August 6, 2010 - Swedish March has announced that Red Man Moist Snuff will have a new lid. The brand that pioneered the foil fresh pouch more than 40 years ago continues to drive innovative packaging with the launch of the new FlavorFresh™ Lid, a packaging improvement specifically designed for Red Man Moist Snuff. The new lid creates a tight seal, improving moisture retention and locking in freshness so every can of Red Man Moist Snuff is as fresh as the day it was made.

Consumer research shows that moist snuff users are demanding freshness. "For adult moist snuff users, freshness is extremely important in their purchase decision," according to Steve Abbot, Senior Brand Manager for Red Man Moist Snuff. "For our consumers, the new lid means that the tobacco stays moist and fresh, ensuring that Red Man Moist Snuff always tastes great."

The launch of the new FlavorFresh™ Lid will be supported by a national sweepstakes that gives adult consumers a chance to win a fresh American experience in the Alaskan Wild. Abbot adds, "We think you have to travel pretty far to find an experience fresher than the one under the Red Man Moist Snuff Flavor Fresh™ Lid. To prove it, we're sending one lucky dipper deep into America's freshest frontier -- the Alaskan wilds. "

Reference: Red Man Moist Snuff Creates Revolutionary New FlavorFresh™ Packaging Alaskan Adventure Contest Highlights Launch Campaign, SOURCE Swedish Match, PR Newswire, 8/5/2010.