Star Scientific launches a lozenge that is suppose to reduce the urge to smoke..

August 6, 2010 - Yesterday, August 5th Star Scientific, Inc. announced that CigRx(TM), a dietary supplement developed by the company's Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals subsidiary, has been launched in the greater Richmond, Virginia area.

CigRx(TM), a mint-flavored lozenge that dissolves in the mouth and is swallowed, contains neither nicotine nor tobacco and was developed for adult dependent smokers. CigRx(TM) temporarily reduces the urge to smoke using a unique combination of dietary ingredients: anatabine is an alkaloid found in plants that are members of the Solinaceae family including tobacco, eggplant, green tomatoes and potatoes. It appears to interact with some of the neurotransmitter cells in the brain in a way that mimics what occurs when a person smokes a cigarette.

Anatabine has been combined with an extract of the leaves of the yerba mate tree to temporarily reduce the urge to light a cigarette in any environment where smoking is prohibited or unacceptable. Yerba mate is a small evergreen tree that is native to South America. Its leaves are used to brew a tea beverage that is consumed by millions of people on that continent, and it recently has become popular in the United States as well. Those who drink the beverage believe that it provides them a variety of benefits. This combination of dietary ingredients is intended to temporarily reduce the urge to smoke.

CigRx(TM) is being marketed and sold via a direct response campaign that includes an infomercial airing on television stations in the greater Richmond area. The infomercial offers a toll-free number, 1-800-778-2031, through which adult smokers can order the product. The product website,, also includes a shopping cart for CigRx(TM) purchases as well. Both the infomercial and the website are directed at educating adult smokers about the alternative that this non-tobacco, non-nicotine product offers. In conjunction with these initiatives, the company has partnered with InVentiv Health, as was announced in November, 2009. Rock Creek believes that InVentiv has both expertise and a well-proven track record in launching new products.

Recently there has been speculation that Star Scientific is a takeover target.

Reference: CigRx(TM) Dietary Supplement Launch In Richmond, Virginia Announced by Star Scientific, Inc., SOURCE Star Scientific, Inc., PR Newswire, 8/5/2010.

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