Nigeria - tanker drivers that smoke pay fines of N .1m (665.56 USD)..

August 13, 2010 - Tanker drivers have been warned to desist from unethical behaviour, as those who engage in smoking while driving will pay a fine of N100,000 (665.557 USD). This warning was handed down by the national chairman of Petroleum Tankers Drivers (PTD), Apostle Timothy Ogbu, during an interactive session with members in Port Harcourt.

Ogbu said drink driving was not only an offence against the state, but also the union, adding that such attitude could tarnish the image of their profession. The chairman cautioned members to obey road ethics and codes and ensure that their vehicle particulars are updated with their original driver’s licence in place.

The PTD boss said the executive members of the union was concerned over the recklessness of some tanker drivers, saying that was why he was on official visit to all depots to sensitise members of the need for attitudinal change. Ogbu also alerted them to the danger in answering or making phone calls while driving and warned that any member caught in the act would be fined accordingly.

Reference: Cigarette smoking tanker drivers to pay N.1m fine, Written by Bolaji Ogundele, Port Harcourt, Nigerian Tribune, 8/12/2010.

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