Green Bay Packers games - got it right - no smoking..

August 8, 2010 - Smoking will be virtually non-existent at Saturday's Packers scrimmage, August 7th at Lambeau Field. A statewide smoking ban applies to the stadium because it is a workplace environment. The ban has been in place since last month.

The scrimmage will be the largest event at the stadium since the ban took effect.
The team says staff will greet fans at the gate with a pamphlet to make sure everyone knows Lambeau is now a smoke-free facility.

“I think probably the first few games it will be a learning curve, but our staff along with law enforcement - it's going to be a lot of verbally telling people about the new policy and let them know smoking is prohibited here,” said Aaron Popkey, Packers spokesperson.

The Packers say if someone refuses to stop smoking, staff will contact law enforcement and a citation could be issued.

E-cigarettes and other smoking devices are also prohibited. And you cannot "step out" for a cigarette. If you leave the stadium, you will not be able to re-enter. The rule is a team policy.

Reference: No smoking at Packers scrimmage, WLUK-TV11, 8/7/2010.

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