Swedish Match - Catch SNUS Collection EASE now available..

September 22, 2010 - In time for the rain and harsh weather of autumn, the Catch Collection is introducing its final flavor for the year, Ease, with a combination of spicy warm ginger and fresh orange.

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The flavors in Catch Collection are only available for a limited period of time. Mellow, with a rhubarb flavor, was introduced earlier this year followed by Glow, with a taste of elder and lime. Now it’s time to add the final flavor to the pallet, the orange and ginger of Ease.

“Ease is an interesting combination of summer flavors and warm aromas that are ideal now that autumn is making its presence felt,” says Mediha Budak Gustafsson, Brand Manager Catch.

Catch Collection Ease has a mild tobacco character, with a distinct hint of ginger and orange. It will be available in stores from August. The portion pouches are in mini format and a can contains about 20 pouches and costs approximately SEK 30.

Swedish Match - New warming flavor for the dark and rain of autumn, Swedish Match, 9/8/2010.