Wisconsin, Green Bay Packers Lambeau field - fans adjusting to no tobacco law..

September 20, 2010 - Smoking will be virtually non-existent at all Packers football games at Lambeau Field. Despite the Packers win over the Bills Sunday, September 19th there were some unhappy fans at Lambeau Field.

Wisconsin's statewide smoking ban means no more lighting up in the stadium concourse, and that caused some problems during the home opener.

But the statewide smoking ban applies to Lambeau Field not only because it is a sports arena, but also a workplace. Some smokers say they'll just have to adjust.

“It's no different then getting on an airplane,” said Beth Abrahamson of Superior, Michigan. Abrahamson said she smokes a cigarette about every hour. No smoking for the three hour game could be challenging, so would she risk sneaking a smoke inside? “No, no, no! I saw somebody do that the last game we were at and somebody caught them, so it's not a good thing to do. I don't want to get kicked out of the game,” said Abrahamson. But not every smoker took the new rule so well. And a couple hours into the game the smoking ban was heating up some fans.

At halftime, Green Bay Police had to stop crowds of smokers who wanted to have a cigarette inside the concourse. The only place smokers can go now is outside. And once you go outside, you can't come back.

Police say they didn't force any smokers to leave Sunday’s game, although they did give several warnings. The no smoking policy also applies to smokeless and electronic cigarettes. While smokers were given warnings at this game, violators can face fines of up to $250.

Reference: VIDEO - WI smoking ban affects Lambeau crowd, Kristin Crowley, WLUK-TV FOX11, 9/19/2010.

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