Great Lakes Region of News South Wales, Australia - smoking banned in outdoor eating areas..

November 29, 2010 - The Great Lakes region is on the Central coast of New South Wales (NSW).

Smoking is to be banned in council controlled outdoor eating areas in the Great Lakes. The local council has decided to implement the restriction to reduce the public's exposure to second hand cigarette smoke. The council's Ron Hartley says the ban will be gradually enforced at outdoor eating venues...

"It would be implemented gradually as leases are expired or renewed, council would insert clauses which required compliance with council's new policy," he said. "It needs some formalisation in terms of policies and written documents and that will be done over the next few weeks."

Mr Hartley says the council is trying to create a healthier community. "Well councillors are concerned about the impact of second hand smoke on people's health and it was seen as an extension of the restrictions that have been imposed on indoor eating areas. Council feels people have the right to dine whether indoors or outdoors in a smoke-free environment."

Reference: Smoking banned in Great Lakes outdoor eating areas, ABC News, 11/29/2010.