Japan Tobacco - domestic release of a d-spec Mild Seven and new packaging with rounded corners..

December 2, 2010 - - Japan Tobacco Inc. (JT) today, December 2nd announced a nationwide launch at the middle of January 2011 of Mild Seven D-SPEC One 100's Box in Japan, a new addition to the Mild Seven line, the brand with the highest share of domestic tobacco sales(*1). Since its launch in June 1977, Mild Seven has been a favorite with many of our consumers and one of the few truly major brands. In 1978 it reached the No.1 slot(*1) in the share of domestic tobacco sales, a position it has kept for over 30 years.

1mg D-spec product - "Mild Seven D-SPEC One 100's - D-spec products produce less odor (less smoke smell) and are therefore more acceptable to people who find tobacco smoke unpleasant.

JT has announced that the packages of 12 box-type products in non-menthol category of Mild Seven will be getting a makeover and will be sold in round corner boxes.
Gradual changeover is scheduled depending on the products' tar levels. Changes in five low-tar products ranging from 1mg to 3mg tar are planned after the middle of February 2011 and in seven medium/high-tar products ranging from 6mg to 10mg tar are planned after the middle of May 2011.

Mild Seven Impact One 100's Box and Mild Seven D-SPEC Super Lights Box will be getting not only a makeover to round corner boxes but package design changes.

Reference: JT redesigns and extends Mild Seven brand, Tobacco Journal International, 12/2/2010.



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