Japan - with tax increase, after first month three of five quitters still smoke-free..

November 13, 2010 - As of Friday, October 1, 2010 an increase in the tobacco tax pushed cigarette prices up by a record-high 60 yen (0.72 USD) to 140 yen (1.68 USD) per 20-cigarette pack. According to a survey conducted on 316 smokers by pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson K.K. before the hike, about 60 percent said they would quit. Of these, 58 percent cited financial reasons. (Japan - with tax increase in place, fewer smokers buying cigarettes so far..)

Adding roughly a third onto the price of the average bra Macromill Research doesn’t look at what percentage quit, but instead focuses on how the quitters are coping. Over the 1st and 2nd of November 2010 500 members of the Macromill monitor group who had resolved to stop smoking following the tobacco price rise in October completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 68.4% were male, 12.8% in their twenties, 33.2% in their thirties, 31.8% in their forties, and 22.2% aged fifty or older.

I (Macromill Research Group) suppose it’s a good sign that at least some people are quitting, although looking at Q1 (Including this time, how many times have you tried to stop smoking? (Sample size=500)) and from tales from smokers, relapses can happen at unexpected times, so after a month free from smoking one cannot really say one has kicked the habit. Furthermore, with the end of year party season coming up, thus placing the quitters around people smoking and around drink, the second and third greatest temptations according to Q3SQ1, the risk of relapse will be pretty high, I fear.

Research results
Q1: Including this time, how many times have you tried to stop smoking? (Sample size=500) First time 31.6%, Twice 25.6%, Thrice 18.8%, Four times 5.4%, Five times
5.4%, Six times 0.4%, Seven times 0.8%, Eight times 0.2%, Nine times 0.0%, Ten or more times 4.8% Don’t know 7.0%.

More older people had fallen off the wagon, with 24.3% of the over-fifties back to their old habit. However, although almost the same percentage of two packs a day or more people had restarted, 73.1% had managed to quit completely. Those with spouses or other family members who smoked were also more less than average to have managed to resist temptation.

For those who had given in to temptation, 1.1% didn’t manage a day, 4.8% two days, 10.6% three days, and 24.3% four days.

To see the responses to the questions asked of study participants please see Reference below.

Reference: Three in five quitters still smoke-free after a month By What Japan Thinks - global blogger, globalpost.com, 11/10/2010.

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