U.S. may use image on cigarette packs of a dying Canadian lung cancer patient - but tobacco companies would fight it - too realistic..

November 12, 2010 - The U.S. government yesterday proposed to use the image of a dying Canadian anti-smoker activist on cigarette packages in the United States in an effort to curb smoking.

In 2001 Canada became the first country to introduce pictorial warnings warnings on tobacco packages. Now approximately nine years later Health Canada was in the process of revising these health warnings.

September 28, 2010 - Canada - Health Canada shelves update of graphic warning messages to concentrate on the problem of contraband tobacco...

Health Canada was testing 49 new health warnings for possible placement on cigarette packages, including two with photographs of an emaciated Barb Tarbox on her deathbed. Six years after her death from cancer attributed to tobacco smoking, anti-smoking activist Barb Tarbox was closer to realizing her ultimate goal, warning millions of smokers about the chilling and possibly fatal implications of their addictions.

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Health Canada was considering ordering cigarette companies to put deathbed photos of an emaciated cancer victim on every package. Health Canada first used Tarbox in anti-smoking public service messages that aired in movie theatres.

In February 2008, Decima Research conducted 60 focus groups with adults smokers in Toronto, Calgary and Montreal. Of the seven new warnings that received the highest possible mark for impact and effectiveness from the groups, two had Tarbox on them. One warning showed Tarbox with the title "Dead at 42" and the caption, "Barb Tarbox died of lung cancer from smoking." The warning also quoted Tarbox, saying, "When you die, you leave behind so much pain for the people that continue living. It hurts me so much to think of the pain I'll cause to my daughter."

The Tarbox warnings are part of an attempt to include testimonials or true stories about the health impacts of smoking on cigarette packages.

Graphic Warnings cigarette packs: Canada revising warnings, U.S. pictorial warnings within 4-years..
In an interview Wednesday, November 10th Pat Tarbox, who was married to the former model for 20 years, said he's pleased the U.S. proposal means his late wife's anti-smoking advocacy might continue south of the border. But he lamented the Canadian government's foot dragging.

Rob Cunningham, senior policy analyst at the Canadian Cancer Society, said Wednesday's development in the U.S. provides a "further impetus" for the Canadian government to move ahead. "The United States is catching up to where Canada was 10 years ago with 50-per-cent picture warnings," he said.

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