New Zealand - massive push to get smokers to quit..

New Zealand - phase out tobacco sales over the next decade..

January 3, 2011 - The New Year has begun with massive push to get more Kiwis to give up smoking. The price of a pack of cigarettes increased 10% today, with the Public Health Association (PHA) believing today's increase in tobacco tax will see more people quit smoking this year. National executive officer Gay Keating says the tax rise will make many people who have made New Year resolutions to stop smoking, more determined to stop.

The last tax increase in April 2010 almost doubled the numbers of callers registering with Quitline and over two-thirds of callers interviewed said that the tax increase was one of their reasons to quit. The tax will see tobacco prices rise in total by 28 to 40 percent by next year - that is on top of inflation and GST (goods and services tax). From today, January 1st the cheapest packet of 20 cigarettes will cost around $12.20 meaning that if somebody quits smoking in January, they will save around $4,500 a year. (New Zealand - price goes up number of smokers goes down..)

The New Zealand Parliament passed a law Wednesday, April 28th to raise the excise tax on cigarettes and tobacco over each of the next three years, which at the end of that period, is expected to increase revenue by NZ$205 million (149,076,006 USD) annually. (New Zealand - increase in tobacco excise forced through Parliament by the Government..)
The PHA believes 2010 was a banner year in the journey towards a smokefree New Zealand, with increases in taxes on tobacco, and the release of the Maori Affairs Select Committee report on Maori smoking and the tobacco industry.

VIDEO - Extra incentive to give up smoking (2:28)..

"In 2011, we look forward to the government addressing the Maori Affairs Select Committee's recommendations, most of which will benefit all New Zealanders. These include more support for quit smoking services for Maori women and young Maori," Dr Keating said.

The PHA also wants to see tobacco displays removed from dairies and other retail outlets this year. (New Zealand - cigarette display ban passes first reading..)

Smoking related deaths killed 13 Kiwis (a New Zealander) every day and around 1 in 5 smoke cigarettes.

Reference: Massive New Year's push to give up smoking,, 1/1/2011.

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By law, oral snuff cannot (but nasal snuff is allowed) be sold in New Zealand and can be imported only for personal use..



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