Scotland - politicians and staff at Holyrood can smoke only at designated area..

Scotish parliament..
January 26, 2011 - Scotland introduced the public smoking ban in March 2006. Holyrood's (the Parliament, informally referred to as "Holyrood") internal smoking room was closed in February 2006 ahead of the Scotland-wide ban on smoking in enclosed public spaces. Parliament bosses designated part of the Queensberry House courtyard as an official smoking area but decided against providing a shelter after claims it could cost £40,000.

Politicians and staff at the Scottish Parliament are to be banned from lighting up in their favourite smoking spot. Complaints from other employees have prompted Holyrood bosses to rule smokers at the parliament can no longer take their fag breaks at the Canongate staff entrance, where the overhanging cantilever building gives them a shelter when it rains.

Now, however, MSPs (Members of Scotland's Parliament) and staff needing a cigarette will be told they must go to the parliament's officially designated smoking area in a corner of the Queensberry House courtyard, where there is no shelter from the elements.

Reference: Parliament smokers told to move along by IAN SWANSON Political Editor, 1/21/2011.