Philippines - Navotas City clamps down on violators of smoking ban..

January 27, 2011 - Violators of Navotas City’s anti-smoking ordinance have been meted out (to distribute by) the corresponding sanctions, at least according to a report submitted to the Mayor’s office early this month by the City Environment and Natural Resources Office. The anti-smoking ordinance bans smoking in public places.

The report, which assessed the city's implementation of Municipal Ordinance 2006-2007, or the Comprehensive Anti-Smoking Ordinance of Navotas, for 2010, was submitted to Mayor John Rey Tiangco by Cenro chief Lito Osete.

It reports 1,853 apprehensions made by the combined forces of Cenro and the city’s Task Force Disiplina. Of the 1,853 apprehensions, the report said 54 were ordered to render community service, 715 were formally charged before the Prosecutor’s Office, and 1,084 paid the corresponding fines.

In a statement, Tiangco said that the results only reflected the government’s “seriousness and active role” in ensuring the public health.

“The Navotas anti-smoking ordinance, aside from other tough anti-smoking measures, signal a growing awareness of the health risks posed by smoking and the need for government to take active measures in the interest of public health,” Tiangco said.

In 2006, the Navotas municipal council approved MO 2006-2007, which bans smoking in enclosed public places and public utility vehicles in the city. The ordinance stipulates that for the first offense, violators will be fined P300 (6.81 USD), or face imprisonment for one month; for the second offense, they will be fined P500 (11.34 USD) or face imprisonment for two months; and for the third, they will be fined P1000 (22.69 USD) or face imprisonment for four months. (Navotas City’s anti-smoking ordinance MO 2006-2007)

Reference: 1,853 meted sanctions in Navotas City for violating smoking ban by Kristine Felisse Mangunay, Philippine Daily Inquirer, 01/26/2011.

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