Wales - Further evidence banning smoking in cars ‘only way to protect children’..

March 28, 2011 - STARTLING research today reveals children are still breathing in harmful particles in cigarette smoke in a car even when adults aren’t smoking.

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Wales - Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tony Jewell we must protect children from second-hand smoke, especially in cars.. The British Lung Foundation believes Wales should follow Canada’s lead and introduce a ban, while Dr Tony Jewell, Wales’ chief medical officer, wants to start a national debate about the idea.
Smoking in a car, even if window is open, exposes a child to dangerous levels of poisonous particles..

In brief, the Welsh study reveals high levels of particulate matter (PM) from tobacco smoke is present in the back seat of cars for up to two hours after a cigarette has been smoked. Smoking with the car windows open did little to lessen levels of the potentially harmful material.

The research will be presented at the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Wales’ conference in Cardiff on Wednesday, March 30th and Thursday, March 31st.

Reference: Banning smoking in cars ‘only way to protect children’ by Madeleine Brindley,, 3/28/20