New York City - fewer smokers entering free quit smoking program..

March 27, 2011 -Fewer New Yorkers signed up for a free program to quit smoking this year, city officials conceded Friday March 25th. The city Health Department counted 39,000 people who enrolled in their Nicotine Patch and Gum Giveaway this year - 1,000 people less than last year.

The city kicked off its smoking cessation program March 9, a 16-day effort to help New Yorkers quit. The program was most popular among Brooklyn and Queens residents - though Staten Island traditionally has the city's highest smoking rates.

They also unveiled hard-to-stomach TV and print ads of emphysema and stroke victims, arguing that seeing the suffering would motivate smokers to quit. (NY City - launching a new anti-smoking campaign..)

Health Commissioner Thomas Farley warned that cigarettes are expected to kill 7,200 New Yorkers this year.

Reference: Fewer New Yorkers signing up for free quit smoking program, city officials say by Kathleen Lucadamo, DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER,, 3/26/2011.

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