Vehicles Most Dangerous Space for Second-Hand Smoke Levels..

February 16, 2008 - Vehicles Most Dangerous Space for Second-Hand Smoke Levels.. New research shows that the concentration of second-hand smoke (SHS, passive smoking, involuntary smoking, environmental tobacco smoke, ETS) particles in a car can be up to 60 times higher than concentrations indoors, more than double previous findings. ( A Harvard School of Public Health report indicated that secondhand smoke in cars can be up to 10 times more of a health risk than secondhand smoke in a home. - TM) Ontario doctors believe this research and other recent findings on in-car smoke concentrations will aid the government in moving quickly to implement a provincial ban on smoking in vehicles when children are present. "We now have new evidence showing the harmful levels of second-hand smoke in a car are even more potent than we once believed," said Dr. Janice Willett, President of the Ontario Medical Association (OMA). "These important findings should be heard by both caregivers who smoke and our lawmakers so that children can be protected." For children, the risks associated with SHS include respiratory illnesses (asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia), middle ear disease, lower respiratory tract infections, as well as sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and increased incidences of cancer and heart disease in adulthood. In December 2007, Nova Scotia became the first province in Canada to pass legislation banning smoking in cars with children. Most recently, British Columbia announced that it will be introducing similar legislation. This follows on the heals of a growing list of U.S. jurisdictions that have already implemented bans including California; Arkansas; Louisiana; Bangor, Maine; Keyport, New Jersey; and Rockland County, New York. South Australia has also taken action to protect children from the dangers of SHS in vehicles. Some related news briefs: Ban on smoking in cars when children are present.., California bans smoking in cars with kids.., Smokers have already been banned from New York bars and restaurants, and soon they could be prohibited from lighting up in cars carrying minors.. and When a parent brings a child into this world... Quit Victoria (Australia) surveys of smokers have found that 90% would support a ban on smoking in cars when children are present - So Let's Get It Done - it's a no-brainer. Click on image to enlarge..(