The Word From Dallas - Test Market for Marlboro SNUS..

February 13, 2008 - When Marlboro SNUS first arrived, it seemed very expensive, but now there are deep discounts and price promotions. A lot of the promotion has been in conjunction with Marlboro cigarettes – promotional signs on cigarette displays, samples of snus and coupons in cigarette packs, etc. Sales reportedly are not going well. The product is not appealing to traditional dippers. Smokers tend to not like it, but some say they are ordering true Swedish SNUS on the Internet. Some say they are using it to quit cigarettes. Others who have tried snus say they prefer Camel and the refrigeration for that product gives it a better flavor. A few stores in the Dallas area are now selling Camel Snus. In East Texas Camel Snus is showing up in the Nacogdoches area. A teenager indicated that his peers love it because they can use it “under the radar” without anyone knowing – which all tobacco control professionals have suspected since this stuff was first introduced. Some store clerks didn’t even know it is a tobacco product and were unaware that they could not sell it to minors – they thought they were breath mints or something. - Many thanks to Darah Waldrip and Betty Boenisch, Tobacco Prevention and Control, Texas Department of State Health Services. Some related news briefs: With organic (internal) development in the smokeless tobacco arena failing look for Philip Morris USA to expand through acquisitions.. and Marlboro MST / Marlboro SNUS - Philip Morris USA (PM) Trying to Paint a Rosie Picture.. Click on image to enlarge..