Want To QUIT Smoking - Ask Philip Morris For Help..

February 11, 2008 - Just ask Philip Morris(PM) executives and they'll tell you that the company strives to be socially responsible. The Chairman and CEO of PM USA Michael E. Szymanczyk will tell you that his company is involved in a number of tobacco prevention activities. They even have introduced programs to help smokers who decide to quit be more successful. Mr. Szymanczyk, "While this may seem counterintuitive to some, we are focused on ensuring that consumers who interact with our company have a great experience, including when they decide to quit smoking. The evidence indicates that many of our consumers will, at some point, decide to stop using our products. We want to be there to help them succeed when they make that decision with the launch of the QuitAssist initiative."

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 70 percent of smokers want to quit. So why isn't PM helping these people free themselves of a life of tobacco and nicotine dependence?? Instead PM is rewarding adult smokers for their loyalty to Marlboro cigarettes by providing unique experiences for these smokers. The experiences range from trips to experience Marlboro Country, a trip to Crazy Mountain Ranch in Montana, to getting behind the wheel at the Marlboro Racing School, or having an opportunity to ride shotgun with a pro-driver or to be invited with tens of thousands of other smokers to go out to your local race track as guests to see Marlboro Team Penske compete in the Indy Racing League. All, of these efforts have helped contribute to the retaining of market share by Marlboro - the world's most popular cigarette. For every 100 cigarette customers in the U.S. approximately 41 (for hispanic smokers this figure is close to 50) of these smokers will ask for Marlboro cigarettes. Philip Morris Looks to the Future, March/April 2007 Image - For its 50th anniversary, Marlboro introduced a new version of its Reds and Light cigarettes – the “72’s”. These shortened cigarettes come in smaller more metallic looking packs and are currently promoted as the anniversary packs of Marlboro’s 50th celebration. Philip Morris began shipping the 72’s in January 2005. Marlboro Turns 50 (TobaccoWatch.org)