The New Camel SNUS Cooler..

August 21, 2008 - The new Camel SNUS cooler has arrived. On June 2, 2008 we reported that the original cooler took up too much room and would be replaced with a smaller cooler small enough to be placed on the shelf next to other tobacco products.

There's also a new advertising display for Camel SNUS. Camel SNUS, even though more cans have been given away then sold, is now part of the Camel Family.

Had a chance to talk with the Lorillard saleman today. Recently there was some mention of sales of Lorillard's Triumph SNUS (8/18/2008). The salesman told me that Triumph SNUS sales have gone poorly and it doesn't cost Lorillard anything to sell this pouch tobacco. Swedish Match makes the stuff and Lorillard sends them 50% of the profit - if there is any.

Imperial Tobacco Groups' Davidoff cigarettes are now available in c-stores in Raleigh. Initially a few packs were given away free. These cigarettes are priced one dollar higher than Marlboro Light - this is a surprise. Look for Imperial's Davidoff cigarettes to take market share from Marlboro cigarettes..
Davidoff cigarette sign - front door c-store.

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