Couple patents color-coded cigarettes of differing lengths..

August 18, 2008 - A Whitman, Mass., couple have patented Steppin' Outs, a pack of 20 color-coded cigarettes in three different sizes; green for regular, yellow for midsized and red for small-sized cigarettes. The idea is that smokers can either gradually reduce their intake in order to quit, or those who don't can still have a shorter smoke break without wasting most of a cigarette. In Massachusetts, Steppin' Outs would sell for about half the cost for a regular pack of cigarettes, now at about $7 said Dean Roberts, the inventor with his wife, Michelle.

Once the marketing company is selected they will then make a formal proposal to major cigarette companies for the sale or licensing of Steppin' Outs, they said.

Reference: Smokin' Idea - Couple patents color-coded cigarettes of differing lengths, CSP Daily News, 8/12/2008.

Philip Morris International has Marlboro Intense cigarettes designed to appeal to employees who are forced to take quick outdoor cigarette breaks while at work, initially introduced in Turkey.