Tourney SNUS Speedway SuperAmerica c-stores..

Liggett, subsidiary of Vector Group Ltd., has sold a private label brand cigarettes called Tourney to Speedway SuperAmerica stores, their largest single customer, since May 27, 1988.

Tourney SNUS is most likely very similar to Liggett's
Grand Prix SNUS.

Grand Prix SNUS is being manufactured in Sweden under an agreement with Snusab, a Stockholm-based manufacturer of premium SNUS products.

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September 21, 2008 at 10:15 PM

I understand where you guys are coming from, but I am a 31 year old former adult smoker who managed to quit smoking 100% with the help of Swedish snus. I realize that the tobacco industry as a whole is thoughtless and moneygrubbing. But if you succeed in your "mission" there will be a whole lot of adult snus users who may go back to smoking because the thing that helped them quit is no longer available. Why not just educate KIDS, they aren't stupid, but they ARE impressionable. It's up to parents to keep their kids away from harm, not you. Just like it's not my job as a childless adult to be concerned with the children of the should worry about your own kids, if you have them and leave adults to their own decisions.

  TobakGuy a.k.a. Rob Jarzombek

September 22, 2008 at 7:55 PM

I have to agree with Aaron. While I do agree with you about under age tobacco usage being a bit out of control, education is the key to preventing it. My teenager and her friends don't smoke. She made the decision even though my wife and I quit recently. It wasn't due to the "Anti-Tobacco" ads littering the countryside and internet that influenced her decision, it was due to our educating her on the risks involved and letting her make the decision. Kids are impressionable and will make the right decisions based on what they are taught.

While you may think you are "educating the masses" on the evils of smoking and Tobacco usage in general, what you seem to be doing is "Muckraking" and villanizing adults that use it.

I also have quit smoking via Swedish Snus after trying every other means possible. My advise to you is, try researching the positive effects snus has had in Sweden and the US as a smoking alternative prior to preparing your posts in the future.

  Neal Dodge

September 23, 2008 at 3:43 PM

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  Neal Dodge

September 23, 2008 at 3:45 PM

*Edit, sorry for the extra post*

The responsible adults in a child's life (parents, teachers, religious leaders, scout leaders, etc.) have the duty of educating children about and preparing them for all the risks that they may encounter in life.

It is certainly important to educate and prepare our children for adulthood. It is important to educate them about the potential dangers of tobacco use. However, I support the American ideals of personal liberty. I believe that people have the fundamental human right to make choices and exercise sovereignty over their lives.

If an adult makes an informed decision to use a form of tobacco (especially one research has demonstrated to be significantly safer than cigarettes), then I applaud them for exercising their constitutional liberties and I wish them well in their pursuit of happiness. I respect that they are an adult and have the ability to make their own decisions and to face any consequences which may result.

I believe that individuals and public health exponents need to be objective and realistic about the different types of tobacco products. They each carry different levels and types of risk. We need to make available to everyone the results of reliable research regarding the risks of tobacco (and alcohol, car pollution, etc. for that matter), so that responsible adults may choose for themselves.