Pig hemoglobin used in cigarette filter to trap harmful chemicals..

March 30, 2010 - A study by a Dutch research firm has found popular cigarette using pig's blood to filter the harmful chemicals normally ingested by humans when smoking.

WHY HEMOGLOBIN? Because of its natural ability for bonding and neutralizing a variety of compounds.

It was found that pig hemoglobin - a blood protein - was being used to make cigarette filters more effective at trapping harmful chemicals before they could enter a smoker's lungs.

The basic structure of this new CHOICE FILTER is similar to that of any carbon based cigarette filter, but contains hemoglobin absorbed in the activated carbon (the hemoglobin used in the new CHOICE FILTER is certified for food and pharmaceutical use). These two substances in combination work as a highly efficient scavenger of the harmful gas compounds present in cigarette smoke. (smoking and the choice filter.)

The Jewish and Muslim community refrain from pork consumption due to religious beliefs, and the same can be said about a large majority of vegetarians too who practice the diet because of strict religious beliefs.

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Reference: Cigarettes Found To Contain Pig's Blood: Muslims, Jews & Vegetarians Warned,Tobi Raikkonen, OzcarGuide, 3/30/2010.