Somerset, NJ - high school participates in National Kick Butts Day..

March 28, 2010 - SOMERVILLE, New Jersey - On March 24, the Immaculata High School (IHS) REBEL club sponsored a celebration of National Kick Butts Day. Over 15 elementary, middle, and high schools in Somerset County participated in this event to stand up and speak against Big Tobacco.

REBEL (Reaching Everyone by Exposing Lies) teaches the Immaculata student body about the dangers of tobacco use. This year’s campaign was “They Put What in a Cigarette?” Chemicals such as arsenic and ammonia are put into cigarettes, which are also found in rat poison and cleaning fluids. Banners were placed throughout the high school to aware students of the many hazardous chemicals. Also, Mr. Ciggie Butts, the REBEL mascot, made an appearance on the morning announcements to further discuss the harmful products in tobacco.

IHS REBEL coordinator Ann Roarty thought “The day was well received by both students and faculty. They commented on the display of tobacco ingredients and posters in the hallway.” Mike Riga, a freshman from Somerville, had the opportunity to dress as Mr. Ciggie Butts. He says, “Dressing as the tobacco mascot was a really fun experience. I was surprised at the amount of students who participated in the event.”

Kick Butts Day is a national event sponsored by the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids that works to engage thousands of children and youth nationwide and around the world through a day of activism against tobacco use.

Immaculata High School has done a tremendous job tackling the tobacco issue. They have a great reputation for being a smoke-free school. This program is all part of the Somerset County Community Partnerships for a Tobacco Free New Jersey.

Reference: Immaculata High School participates in 'Kick Butts Day' anti-smoking campaign By: Denise Canares and Mike McCurry, IHS class of 2010 Journalism students, The Messenger-Gazette, 3/27/2010.

Click on image to enlarge. Students in image: Immaculata High School seniors Christa Percoco of Hillsborough and Brianna Fernandez of Martinsville pose with freshman Mike Riga of Somerville inside the Mr. Ciggie Butts costume on National Kick Butts Day.