Peru - new law bans smoking in indoor public spaces..

April 1, 2010 - Peru's Congress passed today, March 30th the bill that bans smoking at workplaces, entertainment areas and other indoor public spaces. The new law aims to protect citizens against the dangers that cigarette smoke (second hand smoke, SHS, involuntary smoking, sidestream smoke, environmental tobacco smoke, ETS) pose on their health.

The law states that these public places must place in visible spots signs with the warning “Smoking at public places is banned because it is dangerous to health,” and “Place 100% tobacco smoke free.”

The law also obligates companies to include warning phrases and photos regarding the dangers of tobacco smoke on the cigar boxes, specifying also that it is not allowed to sell tobacco to any person under age 18.

Producers, importers and distributors will have 180 days to adapt their products to the specifications stated by this new law, while public places will have 360 days.

Realted tobacco control: Peru's Health Minister, Óscar Ugarte, aims to rise the selective consumption tax (ISC) on tobacco and cigarettes from 30% to 200%.

References: Peru bans smoking in indoor public spaces, Isabel Guerra,, 3/30/2010.