Completely Dissolvable Smokeless Tobacco Products..

November 14, 2007 - Star Scientific is quick to point out their tobacco products are different from moist snuff products like SNUS in that there's never a residue and never the urge to spit. The two products are Ariva(R - introduced in 2003) and Stonewall Hard Snuff(R - introduced in 2001). Stonewall is a larger version of Ariva, so it may appeal to heavier smokers. During the 3rd quarter of 2007 Star pursued a variety of initiatives aimed at continued expansion of the distribution of Ariva® and Stonewall. Those efforts included a test market in the Kroger grocery store chain and expansion of Ariva® distribution through the Walgreen's chain. The company also expects to begin distribution of an Ariva® Java blend during the fourth quarter. The results of third-quarter marketing efforts appear to confirm the company's view that Ariva® is the first smokeless tobacco product that is an acceptable alternative to cigarettes for female smokers, who make up approximately 50% of the U.S. smoking population. Stonewall dissolvable smokeless tobacco, which was developed for adults who use traditional moist snuff, is now available in three blends: Wintergreen, Natural and Java. Star ceased manufacturing and distributing discount cigarettes (four discount cigarette brands, Gunsmoke (TM), Sport (TM), Vegas (TM) and Mainstreet (TM) - TW),in June 2007. For more information on Star Scientific and its products see Click on image to enlarge..