Prolonged Use of SNUS (Swedish moist snuff) Increases Risk of Fatal Cardiovascular Disease(CVD) and Stroke..

November 14, 2007 - Snus has also been found to increase the risk of high blood pressure, a known factor CVD. The objective of the doctoral thesis was to study the association between snuff use and CVDs. Data from two population studies limited to men were analyst. To avoid confounding from smoking the main analyses were limited to never smokers. The first of the studies reported that its consumers run a 30% (approximately) higher risk of fatal heart attack than people who have never used the product. This greater risk is even higher for those who take more than 50 grams of snus a day. Amongst those who suffer non-fatal heart attacks, users of snus have a higher fatality rate in general than non-users, and from cardiovascular diseases in particular. The studies reveal no greater risk of stroke amongst users of snus; however, users were more likely to suffer a fatal stroke. ( Thesis: 'Swedish moist snuff and the risk of Cardiovascular Diseases', Maria-Pia Hergens, Dept. of Environmental Medicine, Karlinska Institut 2007) We are just starting to learn about the many dangers of using smokeless tobacco products like Snus. As pointed out by Marita Broadstock in her systematic review (Systematic Review of the health effects of modified smokeless tobacco products, NZHTA Report, February 2007, Volume 10 Number 1), the number of studies on smokeless tobacco is relatively slight compared to the wealth of literature published relating to smoking. For more information on the pharmacology of moist snuff see (