Philip Morris (PM) USA May Acquire Swedish Match (Svenska Tandsticks)..

November 15, 2007 - Citigroup tobacco analysts Bonnie Herzog and Adam Speilman place a more than 50% probability that it would take place after NY City-based Altria spins off Philip Morris International, which is expected to happen next year. Imagine a tobacco supplier with No. 1 market share in cigarettes, premium and mass-market cigars and chewing tobacco, and who is among the top three players in smokeless. Spielman noted, "If PM-USA bought Swedish Match, it would immediately give itself a no. 1 position in snus globally... By buying Swedish Match, PM USA would be building a defensible position overseas with a long-term growth outlook." ( PM USA, Swedish Match Match? Citigroup analysts place greater than 50% chance on acquisition after PMI spinoff by Samantha Oller, CSP (Convenience Store / Petroleum), 11/15, 2007) Recently PM USA purchased John Middleton, Inc. a maker of machine-made cigars. In a little over 2-years Swedish Match has acquired Cigars International, Bogaert Cigars, and General Cigars. (