Spain plans gruesome images on cigarette packs sometime in future..

April 23, 2009 - Spain said Tuesday, April 21, 2009 it plans to force tobacco companies to put gruesome images on cigarette packets to warn smokers of the health risks, a measure already introduced in some other European countries.

Health Minister Trinidad Jimenez said on Spanish National Radio. The images will have "strong visual impact," but it is not yet known what they exactly they will be or when the measure will come into force. Tobacco companies are already obliged to put the message "Smoking Kills" in black and white on cigarette packets sold in Spain.

Spain still lighting up despite new tobacco laws. Even with the new tobacco laws taking force in January 1, 2006 banning smoking in workplaces and public buildings the nation appears to remain as addicted to its old habits as it ever was.

The European Commission is planning a new study aimed at developing better graphic images to warn of the damaging effects of tobacco, in a bid to encourage more European Union countries to put the pictures on cigarette packets.

Belgium was the first country in Western Europe to insist on pictorial warnings (October 2006), followed by Romania.

Countries which have picture based cigarette health warnings from

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Reference: Spain to place graphic warnings on cigarette packs,, 4/22/2009.

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