North Carolina Bill : No smokeless tobacco displays..

April 22, 2009 - A bill in the North Carolina legislature would require smokeless tobacco be kept behind the counter. The bill has made it through one committee so far this session.

Rep. Ty Harrell, a Raleigh Democrat and a member of the North Carolina General Assembly, said he was surprised to find out that chewing tobacco and similar products are often sold at self-service displays next to the cash register. "One of the problems is that you get the kids who come in who may not smoke cigarettes, but they'll swipe a Skoal or the little snuff pouches because they're right there," he said.

In North Carolina, cigarettes are sold behind the counter, but Harrell said he had not realized there was no rule on smokeless tobacco products. Harrell stated, "It's something a lot of people aren't even aware of."

Enticing minorities to give chewing tobacco a try. Large standalone chewing tobacco displays in a grocery store (Food Lion, Raleigh, NC) frequented mainly by Hispanics and African Americans. The display of specially priced Red Man and Beech Nut chewing tobacco located where every customer can readily see them and the bargain that is offered.

Another example Convenience Store, Durant Road, Raleigh.. C-store Update - Availability of Little Cigars or Are They Cigarettes..

Reference: Bill: No chewing tobacco displays,
Submitted by ryanteaguebeckwith, The News & Observer, 4/22/2009.