Star Scientific - Filing patent for zero-nitrosamine tobaco curing process..

April 20, 2009 - Star Scientific and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals ("Rock Creek"), today reported on their continuing efforts to lessen the harm linked with tobacco use. Star Scientific, through its CEO Jonnie R. Williams, recently filed a new US Patent Application for a novel modification of its patented curing technology that results in the production of tobacco leaf that consistently contains levels of carcinogenic TSNAs (known as NNNs and NNKs) that are below detection even by the most sensitive measures. That patent application for zero-nitrosamine tobacco currently is pending before the US Patent and Trademark Office.

With just $500,000 of the nearly $5 billion smokeless-tobacco market, Star is too tiny to have attracted much attention from independent financial analysts.

Reference: Star Scientific Reports on Filing Patent Application for Zero-Nitrosamine Tobacco Curing Process, Product Development by Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals, PRNewswire-FirstCall - Star Scientific. Inc., 4/16/2009.

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