Part 2: avoidance of nicotine addiction - remove the flavoring from all tobacco products..

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March 14, 2010 - Federal health officials banned the sale of flavored cigarettes on Tuesday, September 22, 2009 in its first major action since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was given authority of regulate tobacco. Unfortunately, these flavored cigarettes were not even one percent of the cigarette market.

Further action on the part of the FDA's Tobacco Center must include an expansion of the ban to include all flavored tobacco products such as cigars, cigarillos, snuff, chewing tobacco, dissolvable tobacco products, blunt wraps (The City of Boston has already banned these products). As pointed out in the FDA Parental Advisory - these kinds of flavors make tobacco products especially appealing to kids, and can lead to a lifetime of tobacco addiction.

Dr. Joshua M. Sharfstein, a pediatrician and the FDA Principal Deputy Commissioner, while cigarette use by teens and young adults has decreased in recent years, cigar smoking continues to be a "serious and growing health problem." "Youth are twice as likely to report seeing advertising for flavored tobacco products as adults are," said Dr.Sharfstein. "Marketing campaigns for products with sweet candy and fruit flavors can mislead young people into thinking that these products are less addictive and less harmful." By flavoring a product to mask its otherwise appallingly disgusting taste, tobacco companies extend their reach into the marketplace to sustain and often grow their addicted consumer base.

Examples of the various flavors found in tobacco products:

Machine made pipe tobacco cigars (click on any image to enlarge):

Black and Mild cigars come in apple, vanilla, wine, regular, cream, and grape. Flavored pipe tobacco cigar brands like Middleton's Black & Mild Cigars, the top selling cigar package in the U.S. is very popular with young Americans. (Black & Mild is a product of John Middleton, Inc. a subsidiary of the Altria Group.)

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Other cigars:

White Owl :


Also, the availability of Little Cigars or Are They Cigarettes..

Blunt Wraps - C-store Highlighting Tobacco Blunt Wraps Available in Lots of Different Flavors... Flavors include: strawberry Kiwi, Apple Martini, Grape-A-Licious, Peach Passion, Pina Colada, French Vanilla, Wild Honey, Gin-N-Juice, Champagne, BlueBerry Burst, Chocolate, XO Cognac, Purple, Wet Cherry and to new flavors Kush (slang for HIndu Kush - a type of marijuana) & Mojito.

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Moist snuff - Swedish Style (SNUS)..

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Convenience store Camel SNUS sign...

Moist snuff - American style
Skoal is available in a variety of flavors Wintergreen, Straight, Mint, Cherry, Classic, Spearmint, Berry Blend, Vanilla Blend, Apple Blend, Peach Blend and
Citrus Blend
. (Skoal is a moist smokeless tobacco product (MST) of U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Brands Inc. (USST) a subsidiary of the Altria Group.)

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Royal Blunts delivery van:

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Part 1: avoidance of nicotine addiction - remove the flavoring from all tobacco products..



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