Ban on smoking in cars when children are present..

February 7, 2008 - Ban on smoking in cars when children are present.. Premier John Brumby told Parliament yesterday that he would consider introducing such a ban on smoking in cars when children are present. — long sought by anti-smoking campaigners. (John Mansfield Brumby, Australian Labor Party politician, is the 45th Premier of Victoria, assuming office in July 2007.) He was responding to Nationals leader Peter Ryan, who asked whether the Government would take up the rural party's suggestion to ban cigarette smoking in motor vehicles while a child was present. "As part of developing that strategy, the Government will consider all of the relevant views from stakeholders and interested parties, and the views which the leader of the National Party has offered up today would be considered as part of that discussion," Mr Brumby said. Quit Victoria says surveys of smokers have found that 90% would support such a ban. (The organization Quit Victoria is dedicated to eliminating the pain, illness and suffering caused by tobacco.) Some related news briefs: In 2008 will the politicians do what's right for the State of South Carolina??, N.S. Bans Smoking in Cars with Kids.. and California bans smoking in cars with kid. Click on image to enlarge..