Further evidence SNUS is NOT a component of smoking cessation..

April 12, 2008 - A retrospective random telephone survey of Swedish smokers (985) and ex-smokers (1000) to assess to what extent SNUS has been used as an aid to stop smoking among Swedish smokers. To assess to what extent SNUS has been used as an aid to stop smoking among Swedish smokers. The study suggested that by using snus, Swedish male smokers may increase their overall chances of abstinence. However, 71% of the men in this sample who quit smoking did so without using SNUS and the duration of abstinence was not affected by SNUS use. This suggests that SNUS is NOT necessary component of smoking cessation at the population level. SNUS use was very rare among women. Role of SNUS (oral moist snuff) in smoking cessation and smoking reduction in Sweden, Gilljam et al., Addiction 98(9): 1182-9, 2003) Dr. Lars E. Rutqvist, the Vice President for Scientific Affairs at Swedish Match (the world's second largest maker of snuff and chewing tobacco and market leader in Sweden - volume share of 90% at the end of 2006) has stated the drive in SNUS sales in Sweden has been in response to the smoking ban rather than the perceived advantage to user’s health. The trend for Swedish women's smoking habits also refutes the myth that SNUS use is a necessary component to reduce smoking. Between 1977 and 2000, the proportion of daily smokers among young Swedish women - among whom SNUS is uncommon - declined 47 to 19 percent. There are no controlled studies which demonstrate the effectiveness of SNUS as a smoking cessation aid. (Who benefits from increased use of snus?) Overall smoking prevalence in Norway, as well as in young Norwegians, has decreased at the same rates in men and women during the last decade, whereas a marked increase in SNUS use during this time period has only occurred in young men. EU Scientific Committee Concludes: Insufficient Evidence to Lift Ban on SNUS.