U.K. women paid for stopping smoking when pregnant..

January 23, 2009 - One in three pregnant women smoke in the United Kingdom (UK). (England)

Pregnant women will be paid up to £100 ($138 USD) to quit smoking.Expectant mothers will get £20 ($27.62 USD) from the National Health Service (NHS) after a week off cigarettes, followed by £40 ($55.24 USD) after another month, and a further £40 ($55.24 USD) if they manage a whole year. North-East Essex NHS, which covers areas including Harwich and Colchester, will pay for the scheme from its £451,000 ($622,787.97 USD) annual 'smoking cessation budget'.

Harwich Member of Parliament P Douglas Carswell, "I find it pretty amazing anyone would smoke when they are pregnant. I hope that the health of the child would be all the incentive they would need."

Expectant mothers will be tested using breathalyser-type technology to measure carbon monoxide levels in their bodies during weekly visits to local health clinics.
Anyone who fails the test will be banned from receiving vouchers.

Ten reasons for pregnant women to quit smoking..

Reference: NHS offers pregnant smokers £100 to quit by Andrew Levy, Mail Online, 1/23/2009.

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