Turkey - on July 19, 2009 will mark the beginning of “100 percent smoke-free air” in this country..

June 30, 2009 - Turkey will successfully implement smoking ban, experts believe.

Despite some question marks raised by the public about the implementation of the ban as of July 19, the smoking ban, which went partially into effect on May 19, 2008 is due to be expanded to include restaurants, coffeehouses, cafeterias and bars, and as the day draws nearer, experts say the public will successfully adjust to the ban in a short time if everyone plays their part.

National Cigarette and Health Committee (SSUK) Chairwoman Elif Dağlı said although there are nearly 22 million smokers in Turkey, there are also around 50 million non-smokers, 10 million of whom suffer from lung and cardiovascular disease. Noting that there is sufficient public support to enforce the law, she said if everyone plays their part in adjusting to the law, Turkey will implement it successfully.

Reference:Turkey will successfully implement smoking ban, experts believe, Today's Zamen, 6/28/2009.

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