Syria - 1st Arab country to implement a ban on smoking in public places..

April 21, 2010 - Today, Wednesday April 21, 2010 - Syria has become the first Arab state to implement a ban on smoking in public places, such as restaurants and cafes.
The decree also outlaws smoking in educational institutions, health centres, sports halls, cinemas and theatres and on public transport.

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Workers must not smoke during meetings and businesses need to provide well-ventilated areas for smokers. The restrictions include the nargile, or hubble-bubble pipe, which is popular among locals and tourists.

The decree was signed last November by President Bashar al-Assad, a qualified medical doctor. According to the official news agency SANA, fines for violating the ban range from 500 to 100,000 Syrian pounds (US$11 to $2,169).

The Syrian government has passed several laws restricting smoking in the last two decades.

A decree in 1996 banned tobacco advertising while a 2006 law outlawed smoking on public transport and in some public places, introducing fines for offenders. Under-18s are not allowed to buy tobacco.

Reference: Syria smoking ban enters into force, BBC News, 4/21/2010.

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