U.S. Military celebrates World NO Tobacco Day on Memorial Day..

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May 31, 2010 - On Memorial Day, 31 May 2010, we'll be honoring the heroic men and women who have given their lives in service to their country. This year, Memorial Day coincides with World No Tobacco Day (WNTD), an annual event sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) to raise awareness of the risks associated with tobacco use.

May 28, 2009 - for the first time, the Department of Defense (DOD) endorsed the observance of World No Tobacco Day by encouraging service members to participate.

U.S. Military - phased in ban on smoking..;

This year the Department of Defense (DoD) is endorsing WNTD again by encouraging military service members around the world to join together and ditch tobacco for the day … and longer. Quitting tobacco can improve health and military performance, and WNTD provides an opportunity to start on the path to a tobacco-free life.

Dr. David Arday, Captain, U.S. Public Health Service and chairman of the DoD Alcohol and Tobacco Advisory Committee: "Freedom from tobacco addiction is not a sacrifice; it's a way to live our lives to honor those who gave us our freedom. This is a great opportunity for servicemen and women to connect to others on their installation, across the country and around the globe in a worldwide event to take a public stand and make a personal commitment in the fight against tobacco."

Women—and men—in the military face additional, unique risks when using tobacco. By now we know the long list of harmful tobacco effects, but cigarettes and smokeless tobacco can also impair military service members' performance and readiness in the field. In 2006, women tobacco users entering the military were surveyed to test their career performance over several years. The study found that those who smoked daily were more likely to have a less-than-honorable discharge, more demotions and desertions, and lower pay grades and were less likely to re-enlist, compared to nonsmokers. Quitting tobacco can help boost military performance and can make you even more mission ready.

Tobacco companies have also used the military to test new products. For example right now two new flavors of Camel SNUS Winterchill and Robust are being introduced.

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Also, THIS MUST STOP - e-cigarette company asking active duty soldiers to buy their product..

Tobacco companies are using legal loopholes to market products on social networking sites including Facebook and MySpace targeting young smokers:
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Overall, tobacco use is responsible for 6 percent of female deaths worldwide.

Reference: DoD + WNTD = Freedom From Tobacco Department of Defense Supports World No Tobacco Day, ucanquit2.org, 5/31/2010.