Western Australia - September 22, 2010 stricter anti-smoking laws in effect..

August 30, 2010 - The Australian Medical Association in Western Australia (WA) is urging retailers and members of the public to start changing their behaviour in anticipation of new smoking bans to be introduced next month.

From September the 22nd, it will be illegal for motorists to smoke while in a car with children and retailers will not be allowed to display cigarettes at checkout points.

Background: Laws passed by the state government last year, which come into effect on September 22, have tightened restrictions in WA. Bans include: tobacco product displays in retail premises (with exemption for specialist tobacco retailers); smoking in outdoor eating areas (with some exemptions; smoking in cars with children under 17 years present; smoking near children's playground equipment; smoking between the flags at the beach; forcing staff to work in designated smoking areas.

Western Australia - strict anti-smoking laws come into effect on September, 22, 2010..
The AMA's Professor David Mountain says people and businesses should prepare for the changes and inform their customers.

"People getting used to the idea that they won't be able to smoke in cars is the best thing so get your family used to the idea that's not going to be happening anymore, and get used to your entertainment venues, start moving people away from those smoking areas," he said.

Dr. Mountain: says the new laws make WA a world leader in smoking reform. "We're already ahead of many other places but we forsee that smoking will almost be completely gone from WA within this generation."

Reference: Prepare now for new smoking bans: AMA, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), 8/27.2010.

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