C-store update: Camel SNUS, Newport, Skoal and Copenhagen..

July 14, 2008 -

RJR has tried just about every possible approach to get tobacco users to try Camel SNUS. Here's the latest - they hire people to come into c-stores and tape a coupon for a free can of Camel SNUS to the back of all RJR cigarette packs in stock. This promotion must be part of RJR's education and public awareness program.

In Raleigh a pack of Newport sells for $3.74 (state tax 35 cents - 7th lowest) - then PM insists that their menthols must sells at the same price and RJR insists that Kool sell at 10 cents less. This one store has an agreement with RJR that no pack of cigarettes can sell for less than Doral at $2.99. The owner would like to sell deep discount brands $2/pack but he would lose the incentive he gets from RJR.

Premium moist snuff: Skoal Copenhagen (now selling for $4.69 can - the same for Conwood's - Kodiak) special coming 2-cans for $6.00 - buyer can pick the 2-cans. The special where the 2-cans are already packaged do not go over as well.

Skoal ad from Popular Mechanics 12/2007

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