What's Next ?? - - U.S. single cigarettes (loosies) being sold.. rs

June 1, 2009 - Tough times are usually measured by the unemployment rate, the stock market or foreclosures. But, for many, tough times can be measured in the simplest of things, such as the sale of single cigarettes or, “loosies”.

Higher Federal Taxes levied in April are driving cigarette pack prices up. Couple that with the down economy, and, corner convenience stores like Murphy's Express in West Charlotte say single-selling cigarettes are a hot item these days.

The store's owner says since the economy hit, they've gone from selling 8 packs to 10 packs an evening to 17 and 18 packs an evening of just single cigarettes.

With demand up, that means the price is going up. We're told “loosies” are now selling for 40 cents a piece, up from 35 cents this time last year.

Reference: Sign of the Times: Loosies Heating Up by Brien Blakely - FOX Charlotte/ WCCB-TV, 6/1/2009.