Norway - the state of public health 2010 – new report published..

May 19, 2010 - **The report is only available in Norwegian.** - information below is from a summary of the main findings...

Even though more people must live with a chronic disease, the Norwegian population has never been as healthy. Over the past 20 years health and life expectancy have improved for all population groups in Norway, regardless of education and income. Nevertheless, improvements have been greater for groups with higher education and higher income than for those with lower education and lower income. The differences are present throughout the entire socioeconomic hierarchy, and include the mental and physical health of children, young people, adults and the elderly.

Regarding tobacco: The number of women who smoke during pregnancy has decreased and is now at an average of nine per cent, but smoking is still quite frequent among the youngest mothers.

Smoking is decreasing among adolescents, but an increasing number use moist snuff [snus]. The number of children exposed to passive smoking is decreasing as the number of adult non-smokers increases.

Smoking is the single factor with the most significant negative effect on several major chronic diseases. Former smoking habits are causing an increase in prevalence of the lung disease COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) in the population and a strong increase in lung cancer among women. Smoking also leads to greater risk of cardiovascular disease and several other types of cancer. Every year, approximately 6,700 people die of smoking, each of them having lost an average of 11 years of life. In the adult age group, a high number are still smoking, especially in population groups with lower education and income. Differences in smoking habits may explain a large part of the social inequalities in health.

Some immigrant groups have cultural health benefits related to less use of tobacco and drugs than the majority population.

Reference: The State of Public Health in Norway 2010 – new report published - summary of the main findings.,, 5/18/2010.

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