Tanzania - accepts donations from Alliance One, a leaf tobacco merchant....

May 27, 2010 - Between January and March this year, the company, through its Community Development Projects Committee had made donations worth 69.83m/- for various community development projects in tobacco growing areas and in other places within Tanzania.

Directly related: On May 15th Tanzania Leaf Tobacco Company (owned by Universal Corporation formerly called Universal Leaf Tobacco Co Inc of Richmond, VA) donated blankets, bed sheets and mattresses worth 17.4m/- to Mpanda District Hospital in pursuance of its corporate responsibility programme. (Tanzania - leaf tobacco company donates blankets to government hospital..)

Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world.

Alliance One International is a leading independent leaf tobacco merchant serving the world's largest cigarette manufacturers. The company selects, purchases, processes, packs, stores, and ships leaf tobacco. In certain developing markets, we also provide agronomy expertise and financing for the growing of leaf tobacco. Alliance One neither manufactures nor sells cigarettes or other consumer tobacco products (Alliance One)

Reference: Alliance One Tobacco donates to grassroots projects by DAILY NEWS Reporter, Tanzania Daily News - online edition, 5/26/2010.

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