Study - many benefits including improvement in your sex life when you quit tobacco..

October 6, 2010 - Giving up smoking can dramatically improve flagging sex lives, according to a study conducted by a Hong Kong university.

The University of Hong Kong study found 53.8 percent of smokers being treated for impotence said that their problems eased within six months of stubbing out their nicotine habits. That figure compared to just 28.1 percent of men treated for erectile dysfunction who continued smoking, meaning quitters have a 91.5 percent greater chance of a better sex life. More than 700 men suffering from erectile dysfunction aged 30 to 50 took part in the three-year study by the university's School of Public Health and Nursing.

Sophia Chan, a professor who helped conduct the survey, said erectile dysfunction was "very prevalent" in China and Asia and added that programmes to help smokers quit should be extended across the region. Her colleague Lam Tai-hing said: "Smokers should be aware of such adverse effects from their smoking and should quit now to prevent erectile dysfunction and other diseases caused by smoking.

"In fact, erectile dysfunction patients who smoke can expect some quick benefits after quitting smoking."

Reference: Give up smoking for better sex life: Study, IANS,, 8/23/2010.

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