Kretek International (KI) rolls out premium e-cigarettes..

October 7, 2010 - Kretek International, Inc., (kretek - crackling sound of burning cloves) leading importer and marketer of specialty tobacco products announced the national rollout of a new line of CIG2O (sig-two-oh) e-cigarette products. The line of competitively priced CIG2O e-cigarettes was successfully launched in smoke shops early in 2010. The strength of adult consumer response, plus stated preference during research studies, led to the current nationwide roll-out to c-stores and other channels, says the company.

Starting on September 22, 2009, based on the on the new tobacco law, HR 1256 The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, it was illegal to sell cigarettes flavored with cloves, fruit – anything but menthol. The new FDA law prohibits cigarettes with a characterizing flavor other than tobacco or menthol, but cigars are not covered by the new FDA ban.

Kretek International (KI), the nation's top distributor of clove cigarettes (97 percent of U.S. market) is offering fans a new way to get their fix after the spice-flavored cigarettes are banned - the New Clove Cigars..

The new filtered cigars—close to the size of a cigarette and flavored with clove, vanilla and cherry—allow KI, which imports Djarum-brand tobacco products from Indonesia, to avoid new federal laws banning flavored cigarettes other than menthol.

Clove cigars close but not cigarettes..;

Kretek International drops FDA lawsuit on clove cigars...

For further information CIG2o. Flavors include marbro, camelz, coffee, chocolate, grape, raspberry but not clove.

When is the US FDA going to permanently start regulating e-cigarettes..

Reference: Kretek Rolls Out Premium E-Cigarette by TOB (Tobacco Outlet Business), 10/6/2010.