Smokers reacting violently when asked not to smoke..

November 24, 2010 - Philadelphia police arrested a man for allegedly assaulting a Philadelphia cab driver Saturday morning. The 53-year-old driver picked up 21-year-old Justin Niezporowicz of Port Richmond on the 200 block of Brown Street around 1:50 a.m.
As he was driving, he noticed that Niezporowicz was smoking and told him to put it out. That’s when Niezporowicz allegedly extinguished his cigarette on the cab driver’s face. Police then say that the suspect got out of the vehicle and punched the cab driver. When the driver tried to run away, he fell and struck his head on a fire hydrant. Niezporowicz then continued to hit the driver as he was on the ground, according to authorities.

The unidentified cab driver was taken to Hahnemann Hospital. There is currently no word on his condition. Niezporowicz is charged with aggravated assault, simple assault and other related charges, police said.

Reference: Man Attacks Cab Driver With Cigarette: Police by DAVID CHANG,, 11/22/2010.

OMAHA, NEBRASKA - Police jailed a Nebraska man Monday, November 22 after he turned fighting mad at a restaurant, after employees asked him to put out his cigarette. Omaha police say Earl Davis, 31, was so beaten down by the request, he broke tables, chairs and big-screen TVs. Officers say he was still damaging property when they arrived, and they had to Taser him to calm him down. Davis was taken to a hospital to be checked out, and was then arrested on charges of felony destruction, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. (Copyright 2010 by VERTEXNews/Newsroom Solutions)

Reference: Man Goes Crazy After Asked to Stop Smoking,, 11/22/2010.