Turks spend 94.2 billion liras on cigarettes in 5 years..

November 22, 2010 - Turkish citizens have spent 94.2 billion (64.8 billion USD) Turkish Liras on cigarettes since 2006, according to the Ministry of Finance and the Tobacco and Alcohol Market Regulatory Agency, or TAPDK. [1 Turkish Lira = 0.687446 USD]

October 8, 2010 - Turkey - Cigarette consumption drops by 16 percent but increase in youth smoking..

The central budget and the country’s Social Security Institution, or SGK, spent 156.3 billion liras (107.5 billion USD) public over the same period, Anatolia news agency reported.

Turks smoked more that 3.05 billion packages of cigarettes in the first eight months of this year, spending 15.69 billion liras purchasing them, the official data said.

Annual cigarette smoking will exceed 4.58 billion packs in 2010 if consumption continues in a linear fashion in the final four months of the year, the agency said.

The money spent on cigarettes this year is projected to hit 23.53 billion liras, it said.

Reference: Turks spend 94.2 billion liras on cigarettes in 5 years, ANKARA - Anatolia News Agency, HurriyetDailyNews, 11/22/2010.