JT rebuilds its shipments in Japan..

April 14, 2011 - As scheduled, Japan Tobacco (JT) resumed shipments of seven products in Japan on April 11 following the disruption that was caused to its operations by the earthquake and tsunami that struck the north east of Japan on March 11.

Nine additional products, including Mild Seven Lights and Caster Mild, will be shipped from April 25, and a further nine products, including Hope and Peace Lights Box, will be shipped from May 9, though, in the initial stages of these two phases of the renewed shipping operations, volumes will be limited.

But, by May 9, JT will be shipping all of the 25 key products that it identified on April 1.Japan Tobacco Inc will resume shipments of seven tobacco products including Mild Seven and Seven Stars on April 11 as scheduled. The company plans to expand its shipments and ship its mainstay 25 products from mid-May, it said.

The company has been suspending shipments of all its 97 tobacco products due to difficulties in procuring materials following the March 11 massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Reference: JT rebuilds its shipments in Japan, Tobacco Reporter, /14/2011

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