Brunei - 2,920 Reasons To Quit Smoking,,

December 30, 2010 - A smoker in Brunei would spend an average, $2,920 a year on cigarettes after the price hike of tobacco on November 1. (Brunei - govt raises tobacco tax effective November 1, 2010..)

Health Promotion Centre Officer Pg Anuar Husaini Lt Col (R) Pg Hj Ramli said the average smoker would spend nearly $3,000 and consume 7,300 cigarettes a year if they spend $8 on a cigarette pack each day.

During a lecture on "The Habit of Smoking and How to Stop", yesterday, about 70 police officers were reminded to stop their smoking habits as it can greatly affect their mental stability.

Pg Anuar Husaini Lt Col (B) Pg Hj Ramli said that smoking not only affects a person's health, but also takes a toll on one's ability to accomplish work tasks.

For more on the lecture see reference below.

Pg Anuar provided simple steps on how to quit smoking. Among the steps and suggestions he provided were to set a specific date on when to quit, no longer than six months; eliminating sources that may be related to smoking such as lighters and ashtrays; as well as distracting one's self when tempted.

Reference: 2,920 Reasons To Quit Smoking, written by Amir Noor, The Brunei Times, 12/30.2010.

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