Breckland District, Norfolk County, England - eliminates paid smoke breaks..

November 4, 2010 - It’s one of the great traditions of the working world. The smoke break, or a free paid break from work to enjoy a cigarette while on the clock, has been part of work tradition since smoking has become discouraged in workplaces throughout the world.

Now, the Breckland Council in Norfolk, England, has eliminated the paid smoke break, forcing employees to clock out when they leave to enjoy a smoke, then clock back in when they return to work.

Breckland District , Norfolk County, England - smokers to work extra to make up time on smoke breaks..

“Our flexible working system allows smokers to take smoking breaks without affecting the amount of time spent working and this brings fairness for all,” said council head William Nunn in a press release. He added that employees voted on the new system, and it was with their permission that the time system changed to eliminate smoke breaks.

Reference: Employees Now Clocking Out For Smoke Breaks In England, posted by Ron,, 11/3/2010.